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Welding & Gas Supplies - Welding Chemicals - Epoxies

8272 J-B Weld MARINE WELD,Versatile,strong as steel and weather/water proof


J-B Weld MARINE WELD, Type: Versatile, strong as steel and weather/water proof, Packaging: Carded 6 per box - 96 per case

8267-S J-B Weld STIK,Hand Kneadable steel reinforced epoxy putty


J-B Weld STIK, Type: Hand Kneadable steel reinforced epoxy putty, Packaging: Carded 6 per box- 48 per case

8280 J-B Weld INDUSTRO WELD,Shop-size cold weld Two 5 oz tubes,Hardener/Steel


J-B Weld INDUSTRO WELD, Type: Shop-size cold weld, Packaging Qty: Two 5 oz tubes (1 is hardener & 1 is Steel) 48 per case

8277 J-B Weld WATER WELD,For moist surface or underwater applications


J-B Weld WATER WELD, Type: For moist surface or underwater applications, Packaging: Carded 6 per box - 48 per case