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Heat Gun

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49-80-0300 Milwaukee Heat Gun,Heat gun accessory assortment


Milwaukee Electric Tool Heat Gun, Type: Heat gun accessory assortment includes: Hook nozzle, Deflector nozzle, Air Spreader nozzle & Air Reduction Nozzle for most common heat gun applications, Style: Fits all Milwaukee Heat Guns

8975-6 Milwaukee Heat Gun,Dual temperature (570 F & 1000 F)


Milwaukee Electric Tool Heat Gun, Type: Dual temperature (570 F & 1000 F), Style: 3 position rocker switch, Voltage: 120 AC, Amps: 11.6, Air Volume: 14.8 CFM

8977-20 Milwaukee Heat Gun,HEAT GUN VARIABLE TEMP,11.6 Amp,140 to 1040Deg Fahrenheit


Milwaukee Tool Heat Gun, HEAT GUN VARIABLE TEMP, 11.6 Amp, 140 to 1040 Degree Fahrenheit