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Painting Tools

Painting & Marking Supplies - Painting Tools

3987 Red Devil Caulking Gun,Skeleton caulking gun,1 Quart


Red Devil Caulking Gun, Type: Skeleton caulking gun, Style: Heavy-duty uni-rail construction with hex piston rod & quick release uses quart-sized cartridges, Size: 1 quart, Color: Red

4065 Red Devil SPEED DEMON Paint Mixer,For 1-5 gal,Red


Red Devil SPEED DEMON Paint Mixer, Type: Mixes all viscous fluids quickly and effectively, Style: Adapts to any 500-1500 rpm variable speed drill, Capacity: For 1-5 gallons, Color: Red

6251EZ Red Devil Painters Multi-Tool


Red Devil Painters Multi-Tool, Type: 7 in 1 professional series tool, Style: Scraper, spreader, gouger, putty remover, paint roller cleaner, nail setter and nail puller

2395000 Rust-Oleum Striping Paint, High Performance


Striping Paint, Type: High Performance

4048 Red Devil Trim Guard,9-1/2" TRIM GUARD,LABELED


Trim Guard, 9-1/2" TRIM GUARD, LABELED

96121 Loctite Phenolic Roller,PHENOLIC ROLLER


Loctite Phenolic Roller, PHENOLIC ROLLER

2810 Alliance Brush,1",Gold,Poly Pt


Brush, Size: 1", Color: Gold, Material: Poly Pt

2815 Alliance Brush,1-1/2",Gold,Poly Pt


Brush, Size: 1-1/2", Color: Gold, Material: Poly Pt

2820 Alliance Brush,2",Gold,Poly Pt


Brush, Size: 2", Color: Gold, Material: Poly Pt

K07096 Krylon Industrial Quik-Mark Wheeler Wand,Hand-held,34"


Krylon Industrial Quik-Mark Wheeler Wand, Type: Hand-held, Size: 34"

79920 Alliance Frame,9",Super Deluxe,5/16" rod nylon Handle


Frame, Size: 9", Type: Super Deluxe with 5/16" rod nylon Handle

2820A Alliance Brush,2" SASH,Gold,Poly Pt


Brush, Size: 2" SASH, Color: Gold, Material: Poly Pt