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CLNI55062-1DP ERNiFe-Cl 1/16 x 1Lb. Tube (Display Pack), AWS A5.15, TIG (GTAW)

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Brand: XTRweld
Brand part number: CLNI55062-1DP
GTIN: 840349218601
XTRweld NI 55 TIG (GTAW) Welding Wire 1/16 In. Dia., (1.6mm), by 36", 1 Lb. Tube (Display Pack), Conforms to AWS A5.15 ERNiFe-Cl
XTR Nickel alloy 55 is used for TIG and MIG welding of gray iron castings, cast iron and joining cast iron to mild steels, stainless-steel alloys and come copper alloys. It can also be used for overlay and build-up applications. Dilution from the casting influences the mechanical properties of the metal. A preheat and inter-pass temperature of at least 350°F (175°C) is required before welding on cast iron to minimize the potential for cracks during and after the weld cools.