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5102 Flange Wizard® Vial Repair Kit

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SKU: FLW5102
Brand part number: 5102
GTIN: 672435510203
Flane Wizard Vial Repair Kit. Repairs any Flange Wizard® tool. Includes: 2 vials +1 tube of sealant.
The Flange Wizard Vile Repair Kit is an accessory that emphasizes the value of Flange Wizard tools - a broken vile is easily repaired keeping your professional tools in service year after year.
  • The kit includes a tube of sealant and two replacement vials.
  • To repair: remove the damaged or broken vial.
  • Do this by cutting around the sealant plug and removing all the materials from the machined hole or slot.
  • Place a small amount of sealant in the bottom of the hole or slot and install new vial.
  • Fill remainders of the hole with sealant and wipe away the excess.
  • Let sealant set up over night and your tool is ready to use again!