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4392 XTRweld 1/2" Brass MIG Nozzle for Bernard™ Style, 2/Pack

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Brand: XTRweld
SKU: XTR4392
Brand part number: 4392
GTIN: 840349223506
XTRweld 4392 - 1/2" Brass MIG Nozzle for Bernard Style, 2/Pack

Constructed from durable brass, this nozzle offers exceptional heat resistance and ensures a precise and steady gas flow. Its 1/2" size makes it compatible with various MIG torches, making it an essential tool for professional welders and hobbyists alike.


  • Made from high-quality brass, this nozzle offers excellent durability and resistance to heat, ensuring a long lifespan even in demanding welding applications.
  • With this MIG nozzle, you can achieve a consistent and controlled gas flow during your welding projects. Its design allows for precise shielding gas delivery, promoting optimal weld quality and reducing the chances of defects.
  • The 1/2" size of this Bernard MIG nozzle makes it compatible with a wide range of MIG torches, adding versatility to your welding setup. Whether you're a professional welder or a DIY enthusiast, this nozzle offers a seamless fit for various torches, making it a convenient choice for different welding applications.